Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday!!!

I love Halloween! I love the weather. I love the fun that is in the air. I like to watch the trees changing colors and watch the girls get excited about what they will dress up as. This year Abigail wanted to be one of the three sleeping Beauty fairies. Her friends were the other two. She was the pink fairy. Emma was a hot dog. At the Trunk R Treat she ate a hotd dog while dressed as a hot dog and she was introduced to the word cannibalism which she found really annoying! Mary Rose was Buzz Lighyear!! It is also Emma's birthday two days before Halloween. I remember bringing her home from the hospital on Halloween 2001. Chad had to take Abigail trick or treating while I stayed with Emma. From the moment I brought her home, she was so sweet natured and she loved her mom. She was very physically attached to me and would cry whenever I put her down,. She loved the vacum cleaner and I would turn it on, just so I could get things done around the house. Now, she is growing up so fast. She is funny, charming, and incredibly beautiful. She has profound thoughts and deep emotions. Our realtionship has always remained close and I hope as the years go by and she grows more, I hope our relationship only becomes stronger. A mother's love is truly amazing and I think the closest we come to Heaven. I love you Emma Lou!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school, Dauphin Island and the Babysitter!!

Life is crazy for us as always... Before everyone went back to school we visited Dauphin Island again, We love it there! Time stops there.. We wear our pajamas all day and just enjoy the noise of each other laughing and getting to know each other better. Abigail and Mary Rose started new schools this year. So far... they both seem to like it. Abigail loves the lunch, but Mary Rose still wishes they had different toys at her new school. She does have some good friends from church there, so I am hoping that will make up for the lack of wonderful toys in the end. Emma has a wonderful teacher this year that she had in kindergarten and I feel so blessed to have her be a part of her life again. She comes home floating on air. I briefly left the girls with a baby sitter on Saturday, when I came back, she had done their hair and we were all in hysterics to see the outcome. Had to share the picture. We figured out that Emma looks like Wendy Woo from Horton hears a Who. I love these girls! Life is different for us now. We are all going through some big changes in all of our lives. I have realized one thing never changes. You love your children no matter what, and they love you even when you are grumpy or sad or so exhausted from life. They smile and hug me and I know that I can make it through one more day and actually find joy in that day. Not a day goes by that they dont make me laugh and really what else can you ask for? Men are that they may have joy. These three miracles bring me joy and will always bring me joy as we continue on this road we call life. Yes it has many hills and valleys, but we will cross them together laughing and giggling the whole way!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My sweet summer!!

I know, I know!! It has been too long, and I really have noexcuse! So.. I will dive right in and post the pictures. We are off to a wonderful summer! The girls ended their school year and we have been really busy ever since! We did swimming lessons with Sister Langstraat again and all the girls did so well! We were joined by my sister Laura and her boys during that two weeks and everyone had a blast except for one incident at swimming lessons involving my sister's car which I will not divulge! The girls then proceeded to go on a two week trip withChad around the west. They will be back on Friday and I can't wait to see them! Emma has told me she forgot what I looked like! I went to the beach by myself and had a great time! There were many things I learned on that trip. I think if given the opportunity, everyone should travel alone once in a while. It was so wonderful to listen to my own thoughts and to really reflect on some things. I learned that I am not such a bad person. Yes, I make mistakes and I am hopelessly flawed in many capacities, but I am also pretty capable of doing a lot of things and I think I am stronger than I think I am. At least I sure hope I am!! I met a fabulous lady at the beach and I know it was not by chance that we met. As soon as we started talking to each other we told each other our whole life stories and we were instantly connected. She made me feel better about life and I hope I did the same for her. And really... isn't that why we are all here? We need to bear one another's burdens and uplift one another when and if we can. It feels so good to be on the giving and the receiving end of that sentiment. Well, enough of that! Enjoy the pictures and happy summer!! Love to you all, Dawn

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Abigail

We love her so much!!

I don't know what I would do with out these 3 monkeys

This was her favorite shirt, she wore it everywhere!!

This is the day she was born

My sweet Abigail just turned 9. I can't believe my baby is so old. I remember so well the day they put her in my arms for the first time. I remember that her eyes were wide open and she looked so curious about life. I remember thinking well, here we go!! I have always wanted to be a mom. I had no career aspirations other than this. I remember being so thrilled to find out that I was pregnant and again thrilled that she was a girl. She was my first experience with being Mommy and I am still learning from her every day. She makes me laugh and her pure and unassuming love for me touches me deeply. I see the kindness she has for others and the great friend that she is to those around her. She is witty, charming, and silly all at the same time. I can't wait to see what she will do in the coming years, but sometimes I wish time would slow down so that I could appreciate her more and take in every moment. I love you Doodle Bug and I always Will!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Off The Beaten Path

My friend Jessica invited us to go to Dauphin Island again a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast again and the girls now want to have our own house there!! On the way back home the girls wanted to eat donuts for breakfast. I put a donut store into my GPS machine and it lead me to Ocean Springs Mississippi. I had recently read a non fiction book called Approaching the Magic Hour. This book describes the life of an artist named Watler Anderson. He had undiagnosed schitzophrenia and was a fabulous artist. His wife wrote the book and described what it was like to live with him. He would go off for months at a time and live in a canoe and paint pictures of the ocean animals. He also rode his bicycle everywhere once even to New York City. While traveling to the donut store, I saw a sign for the Walter Anderson Art Museum and I had to go!! I remembered being so touched by his story and so moved by his paintings. I took a few pictures but they do not do them justice. Someday when you are hungry for donuts, travel off the beaten path and go see these for yourself. You won't regret it. When he died his wife found a locked room where he never allowed anyone to go. In the room there was a fabulous mural where every spot of the wall was covered in paintings. They moved this room into the museum and it is wonderful! Enjoy!! Love to you all, Dawn

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idol Fever

We got a big surprise while shopping at Target today. While in the check out stand, we spyed Alexis Grace from American Idol browsing in the make up Isle. We approached her and asked her if it was o.k. if we took a picture with her. She was very gracious with us and I think a little thrilled that we would want to. Here are the pictures. We had Abby's friend Lexi with us who has essentially become one of my kids and hangs out with us a lot! She was also very excited to see her and told Alexis Grace that she wished she had won! Enjoy!! love to you all, Dawn

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog guilt

SO whenever it has been a while since I posted, I start to feel guilty!! Thanks Laura!! So.. I am copying Cat and putting my 25 random things from face book on here. just in case youguys don't see me there!! Have fun!! Love to all, Dawn

1. I love being a mom. I didn't always love it, but now I do
2. I drink about 5 diet cokes a day (yes I know it's bad)
3. I sleep with the T.V. on
4.I miss my brother every day
5. I wish my sisters lived closer, we always have so much fun together!
6. I sleep with a special comforter that Chad says belonged to one of his old roommates I can't sleep well without it(It is very green and very ugly!!
7. I now have 2 fake front teeth
8. I read about 3 books a week, sometime I read 4 books at a time
9. I don't know how to type, because my sister cheated for me in senior year in typing class because I couldn't do it.
10. I was on the rachael Ray show with my mom. It was so fun!!!
11.I was on bed rest for 10 weeks with my last pregnancy. I do not recommend it!!! I nearly lost my mind!
12.I recently went to Alaska with my husband. It was truly awe inspiring! The scenery was breathtaking and made me firmly believe there is a God
13. I have many amazing friends(including my husband, sisters and my mom). I am so blessed in this department. I have people in my life who truly love me for who I am and I love them the same way. It is awesome!!!
14. I hate to drive and I am not very good at it. Ask anyone who has been in the car with me!!
15.I love Cardigan sweaters
16. I love to cook. I find it therapeutic. I think sometimes when I feel other things are going wrong, If I can push out a fabulous batch of cookies all the world is right again
17. I love to do things for other people when I can. I love to see how small acts of service can brighten someone's day
18. I hated high school and I never felt like I fit in anywhere(except for the part where I met my oldest and dearest friend Tracy). I love being a grown up much better
19. I always help at least one elderly person in a grocery store. They seem to flock to me. Yesterday at Sam's I helped a man get his lunch, and I cut up his hot dog for him. I hope someone helps me when I am old!!!
20. I love to laugh! Life is too short not to! I really do have inappropriate laughter problems but I have learned to become less and less embarassed by this trait
21. My favorite sound in the whole world is the sound of my children laughing!!
22. I have seen twilight 5 times and I want to see it again.Among my sisters, I am the only one who liked it that much!!
23. I am back to school now after 8 years, It is really hard!!
24. I do stupid things all the time like leave my keys in the car, lock my keys in the car, leave my wallet places, leave my phone places, etc... I am really flighty!!
25. I love life. I want to stick around a lot longer to try and experience something new every day!!!